A&A Trading is a B.C. based forestry company specializing in all aspects of the forest business from planning, forestry and engineering, through to delivery of the product to market. A&A Trading is driven by a strong, market focused group of people and businesses that thrive on respect, transparency, innovation and entrepreneurialism. We’re proud of the value we bring to our suppliers, customers and partners.


A&A is a family owned company that has operated successfully for over 30 years in the B.C. Forest community. The company was founded in 1984 by Ab Mohammed who pioneered the Japanese – British Columbia log and custom cut, export business. We have grown exponentially over these years to where we are now a fully integrated and successful forest company.


What makes us successful is our people, the values we all stand by and our strong belief and confidence in the fact that if we use wisdom and vision to manage our stewardship of the  forests sustainably, they will contribute to the well being of our province for generations to come.


The A&A family believes that our relationships define us and this reflects in the focus we have put not only into building our team of professionals, but in also choosing partners and clients who share the same values.


A&A is a fully integrated forestry company, serving an array of markets across four continents through long term customer relationships.

The diversity of British Columbia’s coastal forest has allowed A&A Trading Ltd. to provide customers with the forest products they’ve needed for the last 30 years.

At A&A Trading Ltd. we manage the forests we work in sustainably, offering environmental solutions to meet local and market demands.

A&A Trading is PEFC Chain-of-Custody certified and certified to the SFI Forest Management standard on our Sunshine Coast tenures. In addition to managing tenures and selling logs, A&A Trading owns in partnership, a 'stump to dump' logging company, and a road building company.

A&A Trading provides engineering and management services for resource based infrastructure projects such as bridge building and design, road building and design, along with construction and management services.

Over the years, A&A has been successful in finding a strong customer base that understands the complexities of harvesting in B.C. We share a sense of loyalty and commitment to each other, mutually recognizing the challenges we both face in carrying on our business. It is this strong bond with our customers that is one of the core reasons for A&A’s success.



A&A Trading is an active member of the BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI). John Mohammed is currently on the Board of Directors.


The BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI) is the voice of the B.C. forest industry. B.C.’s forest industry is adapting, evolving and innovating, and continues to be one of the most significant economic drivers in the province and the largest producer of softwood lumber in Canada.


COFI members produce lumber, pulp and paper, panels and engineered wood products at more than 60 facilities across the interior. All share a commitment to a future based on sustainable forestry and manufacturing practices, innovative product development and employee safety. As the unified voice of the world’s most vibrant and sustainable wood products manufacturing sector,


COFI is active in the following areas:
Community Relations
Communications & Outreach
Forest Education
Government Relations & Policy
Overseas Market Development
Quality Control


BC Forest Industry: Cornerstone of our Economy:   PDF





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