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We are proud to sponsor the 5th Annual Indigenous Resource Opportunities Conference! We look forward to seeing you there, April 8th at the Vancouver Island Convention Center in Nanaimo, BC. For more information about the Forum, visit

A&A Trading has many long term forestry partnerships with numerous First Nations Bands spanning more than ten years.


We are honored to have these long term relationships. We are vigilant and continually striving to ensure that we work together to set high standards in maximizing the value of wood harvested in the 1,000,000 hectares we manage in partnership.


Along with our partners, we are stewards of the forest ecosystem and we take the responsibility of ensuring that the bountiful resources of these great forests are fostered for the generations ahead.


We continually collaborate with our partners to create forestry employment and training opportunities, as this new generation of forestry workers are the future of a sustainable industry.



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